Substitute End-of-Day Survey
    • Senate Bill 681, passed by the Missouri legislature and signed into law by Governor Parson, directs that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education maintain a web-based survey for collecting anonymous information from substitute teachers serving in public schools. It further directs that those individuals complete the survey at the end of each day they work as a substitute teacher. If needed, the LEA shall also provide brief access to a computer or other internet-connected device for the substitute teacher to complete the survey.

      The survey collects information about the substitute teacher, including their age and level of education. It also collects information about the particular assignment the individual had each day, including the grade, school, and district in which the substitute worked, as well as the rate of pay. Finally, the survey collects information on student health or safety issues that the substitute teacher encountered.

      The substitute teacher survey can be accessed at this link: As directed by Missouri law, school leaders are to provide this link to each individual substitute each day that they serve as a substitute teacher in their LEA, with the request that the individual complete it.

    • For general information about the substitute teacher survey, please contact Paul Katnik, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Educator Quality, at 573-751-2931 or