Safety and Security
Frontier Schools Safety and Security

Our students are our top priority and Frontier Schools is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for them. We continually assess and evaluate our protocols and security systems. Measures in place include:

Security Guards: Each school has an armed security guard stationed in the front lobby. They circulate through the building and the grounds at various times to make sure everything is secured.

Secured Entries: All Frontier schools have secured entries which require office staff or the security guard to allow entry into the buildings.

Fencing/Gates: All Frontier schools have fencing surrounding the building property and a secured entrance gate.

Visitors: All visitors must provide photo identification. IDs are scanned through our Raptor Security System and a background check is quickly conducted. Visitors without an ID are not allowed past the front lobby.

Cameras: Security cameras are placed throughout the buildings and parking lots and record any activity in or on school grounds.

Training/Drills: All teachers and staff members practice fire, tornado and intruder drills on a regular basis. In addition, teachers are trained in CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) and ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate).

Trauma Informed CareFrontier Schools are trauma informed schools and have measures in place to assist students and families.

Assistant Principal of Safety and Conduct

Each school has an Assistant Principal in charge of Safety and Conduct. Their duties include making sure the building is safe and conducive to learning and mitigate any discipline and bullying issues, harassment and any other issues that disrupt the learning environment. They also are responsible for student attendance and make contact with families when needed on any of these issues.


Frontier Schools is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment free from any form of bullying or intimidation.  Frontier Schools strictly prohibits bullying on school grounds, during school time, at a school-sponsored activity or in a school-related context. Bullying can be reported by clicking here. 

Courage2Report (C2R) Missouri

Courage2Report allows anyone to make a confidential report about school violence that can happen on school property or the school bus.

Toll Free: 1-866-748-7047.