Keep Up with Bus Updates on Stopfinder!

We are excited to introduce the Stopfinder app, our new platform designed to enhance the way you receive transportation updates for your child. Stopfinder is an easy-to-use mobile application that offers the ability to monitor your child's bus route, receive real-time updates on bus locations (will be available for the 2024-2025 school year), and promptly notify you of any changes or delays.


Going forward, all communications regarding changes to bus routes, stops, or schedules will be conveyed through the Stopfinder app. Please note that we will discontinue the use of separate emails or text messages for transportation updates.


Activation links have been sent to the email addresses of parents whose children are assigned to a bus. If your child uses the bus service and you have not received your activation email, kindly contact the school office for assistance.


We encourage you to watch the short tutorial on Stopfinder to familiarize yourself with its features.


Thank you for your cooperation!