Principal Letter

I am immensely pleased and excited to write this letter as the new principal of Frontier STEM High School. Working in the education field, I have served as a math teacher, an instructional coach, and an assistant principal; each brought joyful experience and a feeling of fulfillment as I contributed to the school community. I have kept my passion for learning in each position and seek ways to facilitate the teaching and learning process.
It is my privilege to take the role of this leadership position, and my main intention is to work for the growth of Frontier STEM High School.
-To our teachers, your contribution and dedication are priceless in the life of our students.
-To our parents, your involvement in students’ school life is considerably determinant in their academic success.
-To our students, we are here to equip you with the skills and the knowledge for your future life.


About the Principal 


He has helped to design the curriculum website to increase the efficiency of the educational resources. The page has brought the learning standards, accommodations, instructional strategies, and assessments together for teacher use. So, it is all-in-one place for the teachers. 

Resul Geyik has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Fatih University, Istanbul and Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from University of Texas at Arlington, Texas. 

He has started his educational journey with teaching 8th grade in Dallas, TX. He has been a distinguished educator in various positions such as math teacher, instructional coach, assistant curriculum director of math, and assistant principal of academics. As a teacher, he scored highest in the district in math scores with %100 passing rate in 8th grade and Algebra I. As an instructional coach of 45 teachers in 11 campuses, he led and presented many workshops to the teachers. 

He has designed and coordinated the home visit website that facilitates the scheduling and reporting of the system. The system had already helped to produce a comparatively higher rate of home visits.