A Huge Thanks to All our Teachers
A huge thanks to all our FSE teachers from some appreciative NHS members: Mara Grijalva, Kimberly Cebrera, Emili Zavala, and Hillary Gonzalez. They are especially grateful to teachers this week, even more so than usual. Teacher Appreciation Week makes students realize how important and exciting being a teacher is. They are ensuring the next generation matures into the successful and happy adults they know students can become. It is a lot of responsibility but it’s worth it, especially when they see their students succeeding. Being a teacher, especially during COVID-19, can be a trying time. Hours upon hours of virtual meetings and sitting on their computer can’t be fun, but teachers do it all for their students. NHS member Mara Grijalva said, “I’m especially grateful to teachers during these times because they are putting so much effort and love to make sure all their students are doing okay, health and grade wise.” So if any teacher is reading this, WE THANK YOU! -Kimberly Cebrera