Believe it or not, many teenagers are considered part of the essential work force during the Coronavirus. It has been very stressful to essential workers all over the world, but especially for younger workers simply because they are young and aren't truly equipped to deal with all the adult responsibilities that have come with this pandemic. Senior Ashlyn Mathis works at a metro Pizza Hut. She said they have been working non stop to satisfy customers. "Work for me has been so hectic with customers, schedule changes, and just overall the stress of work.. We’ve been so busy! There's no time to relax or even reduce stress. And the customers have been so crazy and even rude sometimes. I just wish things could go back to somewhat normal.” Teenagers are among the millions who go to work and risk their lives to make sure people get what they need. Everyone needs to consider that and do what they can to make sure that these young people who are still working "on the front lines," get home safely and limit their risk of exposure to the virus. -- By Yaz Mohamed