Effects of Corona
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, stores around the nation have been running low on essential items. People are panic buying and leaving nothing for others. As a result, prices on items like eggs, toilet paper, and milk are rising. In fact, some stores are charging up to $6 for 18 eggs! To prevent the empty shelves, some retail stores have introduced a limit on items each customer can buy. Although this rule was put in place, some items are still running low in stock. All of this is having an impact on FSE students. Michael E. (6) said, “Stores never have anything we need. Every time we go there’s almost nothing and we have to go to a lot of different places.” Covid-19 is leaving many struggling to find necessities. According to cleaver.house.gov, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver introduced a bill in early April to curb predatory pricing of essential goods and services. Under the bill, prices more than 20 percent higher than pre-pandemic costs are considered excessive. --by Anthony Ruiz