Corona Changes
Unless you are an essential employee or need to go out for necessities, you have been home for a hot minute! Everybody went from going to school every weekday to not going to school at all. This has been a drastic change for everybody because no one is used to online school, going to class through Google meet, or reading a textbook in a digital format. Students are feeling overwhelmed because teachers are assigning more assignments. Students are juggling both the everyday assignments and everything else they are busy with at home. Students are trying their very best to get good grades, but sometimes there's just no motivation, or the distractions of the household are too much when it comes to completing school work. Not just that, but the majority of the students are also feeling very upset about the epidemic. Sure, everyone can spend time with their families, but everybody still needs, and wants, a break from them from time to time. Just look at Ms. Frye's face and that says how all of us are feeling! Our new everyday lives have all of us feeling like we are all living the same day over and over again. “I’m really sad that we won’t have a graduation like I hoped for. I wanted to see my classmates for the last time before going our own ways,” said Mara G. (12). It’s upsetting to know that our FSE seniors won’t be having the graduation that they hoped and wished for their whole lives. The official stay at home order runs through May 15 for Kansas City. -- by Jennifer Lopez.